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Summer Camps

Aug 28-Sep 1
Burlington - Alexander's P.S Checkmark
Acton - MacKenzie-Smith Bennett P.S Checkmark
Burlington - Alexander's P.S
Burlington - Charles R. Beaudoin P.S (Summer)
Burlington - Florence Mears P.S Checkmark
Burlington - John T. Tuck P.S Checkmark
Burlington - MM Robinson H.S
Burlington - MM Robinson H.S. Checkmark
Burlington - Orchard Park P.S Checkmark
Burlington - Pineland P.S
Burlington - Robert Bateman H.S Checkmark
Burlington - St.Anne Elementary Checkmark
Burlington - St.Anne Elementary
Burlington - St.Elizabeth Seton E.S
Burlington - Tom Thompson P.S
Cambridge - Saginaw P.S.
Campbellville - Campbellville
Carlisle - Carlisle Community Centre
Georgetown - St.Brigid E.S Checkmark
Georgetown - St.Francis of Assisi E.S Checkmark
Guelph - Kortright Hills P.S.
Milton - Boyne P.S
Milton - Bruce Trail P.S Checkmark
Milton - Chris Hadfield P.S Checkmark
Milton - E.W Foster P.S
Milton - Escarpment View P.S Checkmark
Milton - Guardian Angels E.S Checkmark
Milton - Guardian Angels E.S.
Milton - Hawthorne Village P.S Checkmark
Milton - Hawthorne Village P.S (Summer)
Milton - P.L Robertson P.S
Milton - Tiger Jeet Singh P.S Checkmark
Milton - Tiger Jeet Singh P.S
Mississauga - All Saints E.S Checkmark
Mississauga - Churchill Meadows P.S
Mississauga - Lisgar P.S Checkmark
Mississauga - Lorne Park S.S Checkmark
Mississauga - Meadowvale Village P.S. Checkmark
Mississauga - Middlebury P.S (Summer)
Mississauga - Plum Tree P.S Checkmark
Mississauga - St.John of the Cross E.S (Summer)
Mississauga - The Valleys S.P.S Checkmark
Mississauga - The Valleys S.P.S
Mississauga - Thomas Street P.S Checkmark
Mississauga - Thomas Street P.S.
Mississauga - Vic Johnston C.C. Checkmark
Oakville - Glen Abbey Rec.Centre (Summer)
Oakville - Heritage Glen P.S
Oakville - Iroquois Ridge S.S (Summer)
Oakville - Joshua Creek P.S Checkmark
Oakville - Palermo P.S Checkmark
Oakville - Pilgrim Wood P.S Checkmark
Oakville - Pilgrim Wood P.S
Oakville - Pine Grove P.S Checkmark
Oakville - Post's Corners P.S. Checkmark
Oakville - River Oaks Arena (Summer)
Oakville - River Oaks P.S Checkmark
Oakville - River Oaks P.S.
Oakville - St.Mildred's-Lightbourn School
Oakville - Sunningdale P.S
Oakville - West Oak P.S.
Waterdown - Waterdown Skatepark

Camp Information

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